vegetarians rule--my lamb and dog


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vegetarians rule--my lamb and dog
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vegetarians rule--my lamb and dog
just for fun: my beloved pet sheep playing with one of our rescue dogs. they would play kind-of rough but my "ram-ram" always seemed to get the better of gretchen. true he outweighed her by fifty pounds, but he was also fearless and a skilled head-butter. reminding us that often in nature it's the vegetarians that rule! oh, and virtually ALL of my images are proudly photo-shopped to the max, but this one is a rare exception: a lucky capture juxtaposing boldness and strength against a cowering antagonist.
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GinetteCallaway ::
July 27, 2012
Ha that's great! The more scared the more aggressive... it's all show... Cheep totally sovereign! Definitely a Favorite!

LBanks ::
March 01, 2014
What a fabulous shot!