republican party: we broke that


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republican party: we broke that
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republican party: we broke that
a long term project of the republican party is to erode the notion that we can build a higher standard of living by our government of 'we the people'.
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GinetteCallaway ::
September 10, 2012
So sad but so true. All us peanuts keep slugging on, hand to mouth, trying to making ends meet working 24/7 still never enough just getting by. My arm hurts, carpal tunnel, my back hurts, no medical. I'm glad I'm an artist at least I love what I do.

madworld ::
February 15, 2013
So true, awesome!

KsWorldArt ::
May 08, 2013
This would be funny, if it wasn't true....would be nice to think that they are actually in office to do what is right for America and the people, instead it is about their job security and their pockets.

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