long live FDR, beer, dogs and progressive values!


r christopher vest

long live FDR, beer, dogs and progressive values!
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long live FDR, beer, dogs and progressive values!
i don't know: maybe i've been subjected to too many republican debates without a balancing powerful counter-point expressing the view that we're all americans, and together we can unify to make everyone's lives better. i hear the memory of ronnie raygun lionized on a daily basis, but what about the hero of progressive values? if nothing else, FDR defeated the nazis, brought electricity to poor folks, gave us hope and social security and ended prohibition! it's true sadly that there are few progressive candidates these days to vote for. where have you gone, franklin roosevelt? a nation turns it's lonely eyes to you...
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KsWorldArt ::
May 08, 2013
As a distant relative of FDR, I sure have to love this!

rchristophervest ::
May 13, 2013
that's cool. the more i read about FDR the more i appreciate how remarkable a politician he was; not flawless certainly (the interment of japanese americans leaps to mind) but surely one of the greatest forces for good in modern times.