A REAL man -- FDR and his dog


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A REAL man -- FDR and his dog
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A REAL man -- FDR and his dog
Franklin Roosevelt, perhaps our greatest president, was also a great dog lover. At the DC Roosevelt memorial in fact he is depicted in statue-form along with Fala his Scottish Terrier. Just a little glimpse into the character of a man with a winking jab at a certain current candidate...
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GinetteCallaway ::
January 19, 2012
I could not agree more. And he laughed about it when asked joking "My Dogs loves fresh air!" Lunatic Yenmor !

spadecaller ::
January 19, 2012
great message and image

michellesixta ::
January 25, 2012
:-) It's amazing to hear what some people think is OK! Great pic for this!

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