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Bixby letter facsimile
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Bixby letter facsimile
this is a simple representation of the famous "Bixby" letter which was read aloud with such tear-inducing solemnity in the movie "Saving private Ryan". I was delighted to discover that the letter actually exists, and was actually sent, although there are caveats: first, as the original no longer exists, what is in circulation is this facsimile, and historians debate endlessly about whether it is a forgery or is actually the authentic handwriting of president Lincoln. Second, some evidence suggests that the original was composed by a Mr. Hays, Lincoln's personal secretary. Third, history confirms that only two of Mrs. Bixby's sons were killed in the war. Controversy aside, all agree that it is a heartrending and compelling masterpiece of prose. I simply textured it slightly and added a photo-sketch of the wonderful sculpture by Daniel French from the monument in Washington. An interesting aspect of the sculpture that i wanted to include is that lincoln's left hand makes a sign language 'A', and his right makes an 'L', though it is not known if that is simply a coincidence…
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PineSinger ::
July 30, 2013
Lovely image and interesting write! f/fb

bavosiphotoart ::
July 31, 2013
Thank you!

PaulCoco ::
July 31, 2013
Fascinating! Thank for sharing this and for your notes.

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