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there are a lot of horrendous stories in the news these days about rhinos being slaughtered. in vietnam the sumatran rhino was entirely exterminated for want of the horns. rhinoceros horn is worth much more than gold, so the trend is daunting. african black rhinos are down to about 3,000 and virtually all of the "product" is going to china, therefore i added chinese text to this poster which says: warning! use of rhino horn will poison your soul. in this image i imagined a baby rhino standing beside his mother as she was mown down by poachers. though splattered with blood, somehow he has survived. for how long? (as always, one third of my proceeds from all of my work goes to animal welfare).
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GinetteCallaway ::
May 17, 2013
It's such an atrocity, Unfortunately does not get much main stream media attention. Rhinos are on the verge of extinction just because of HORN and Myth and Superstitions. Everyone should be very upset and engaged. This is powerful art. LOVE IT!

swaby ::
May 20, 2013
Great tribute Christopher and work! Horrible fate for these unique and gorgeous creatures

LBanks ::
May 31, 2013
Well done for highlighting the sad plight of rhinos. I often wonder if this should be the whole point of art, to show the nasty side of life not just the sweet decorative stuff. Meaningful and really well done.

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